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Overview of the NSYNC Pop Slot Game’s Creator The popularity of Play’n GO’s branded rock and metal-themed slot machines has helped solidify the company’s longstanding relationship with the music industry. For many reasons, learning that the company has developed a game based on the boy band NSYNC could come as a surprise. The most obvious is that the band has been effectively disbanded since 2002. Justin Timberlake has since achieved even more fame, whereas the other members of the trio were never as well-known. Gilderoy Lockhart once taught Harry that fame is an unreliable companion. Then why are we now receiving an NSYNC time slot? There may be a fascinating backstory surrounding why Play’n GO made this decision, and we’d love to hear it. However, the rumors will have to wait while we make our way to the front of the theater to watch NSYNC Pop.

It took a while to sink in that this was a game about NSYNC, the band, rather than a hybrid of AvatarUX’s PopWins and synchronized reels. It takes place during a concert, complete with a swaying throng, disco lights, and spinning record players. A cover of NSYNC’s smash hit “Pop” plays nonstop, bringing back fond memories of the group’s 90s/00s heyday but also highlighting the fact that a track change every so often would be appreciated.

However, the game’s 5-reel grid is filled with individual headshots of each member of the gang. There are 144 possible outcomes since the diamond shape of the panel necessitates rows to be organized 2-3-4-3-2. With a maximum RTP of 96.2% and a betting range of 10 p/c to £/€100, NSYNC Pop is an extremely volatile slot.

Three or more identical symbols from the first reel forward, aligning left to right, will result in a payout. Clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades are the cheap cards, while the five people in the group are the high rollers. If you get five of a kind, you win between 0.6 and 1 times your wager if the five cards are all of the same suit, or between 6 and 10 times your wager if the five cards are all premiums. When played in a winning combination, the band shot wild symbol executes a cute little flex motion in addition to substituting for any other paying symbol to get that outcome.

Slot Features Featuring NSYNC

Both the song “Pop” and a “Pop Feature” are alluding to in the title. Pop symbols can appear on any spin, and when they do, all of them will reveal the same symbol (with the exception of scatters).

All Spins Are Now Free!

If three or more scatters appear anywhere in view, you will receive a number of free games equal to the number of scatters. During the bonus round, an additional row of Pop symbols appears above and below the standard reels. If a Pop sign appears on a reel, it will pop off the reel above or below it, revealing a symbol and making that place available for the duration of the feature. In addition to the regular symbols, the Wild Pop might appear during Free Spins. These symbols always display a sticky wild sign when they land. During the remainder of the free-spins round, this wild will remain where it landed. When a Wild Pop appears, it causes the Pop icon just above or below it to expand, revealing an additional symbol.

As an encore, spin

Once all Pop symbols have been eliminated from the additional rows, an Encore Spin will be activated, expanding the possible winning combinations to 2,400. Only Justin, JC, Lance, Joey, or Chris Wilds or Symbols are allowed during the Encore Spin. During any more spins, Sticky Wilds will stay where they are.

Summing Up the NSYNC Charts

We were doing some research on NSYNC and stumbled upon a fun bit of fan fiction. A combination of the final letters of the members’ names (JustiN, ChriS, JoeY, JasoN, and JC) appears to be the inspiration for the name NSYNC. In those days, Jason Galasso had yet to break up. So that they could continue using the name, he was replaced by Lance Bass, who became known as “Lansten.” Next, because everyone has different tastes in music, there will always be an equal number of fans and skeptics at music-themed events. In NSYNC Pop, this may be much more pronounced.

Fans of the genre on both sexes are sure to get a kick out of being taken back in time to the era of cargo shorts, wallet chains, and frosted tips thanks to this game. Fans of the band should be overjoyed by this development, however some may view it as a form of pop purgatory. Gameplay-wise, even if you don’t like the band, you might still have fun with Lordi Reel Monsters or Testament, but thematically, you won’t find as much common ground.

The elements of NSYNC Pop are roughly as generic as the standard concert stage, which might make it more difficult to win over casual listeners. While not as lifeless as Deadmau5, Kiss Reels of Rock lacks the energy and excitement of its arena rock counterparts. Unfortunately, it mostly just comes down to landing mysterious symbols, and the game’s restricted feature set doesn’t help. However, Play’n GO has integrated the Pop concept rather effectively, and it may be useful in free spins when Pop symbols are cleaned from the additional rows to create more possibilities to win. Clearing the Pop symbols to get an Encore Spin turned out to be less difficult than expected. Maybe it was simply our fortunate day. When this occurs, low payouts will be eliminated off the reels, and the action will be as chaotic as an NSYNC performance. At its peak, the game may award payouts of up to 5,000 times the initial wager.

How come listening to this music makes you feel so good? Hopefully the music lifts your spirits (in a healthy way), as the remainder of NSYNC Pop is more B-side than chart-topper. NSYNC Pop never completely recovered from the initial shock of watching the quintet mature. A wave of nostalgia for the 1990s and 2000s may be appreciated by even people who remember the boys but didn’t particularly like their music.






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