The New Red Envelope Function at Evolution’s Live Casino

Evolution, a company that specializes in live casinos, seems to have limitless creative energy. The award-winning developer and supplier regularly releases numerous new top titles for online casino players to enjoy.

Evolution’s ability to reimagine traditional casino favorites as more accessible and exciting than ever is a big part of the studio’s appeal among live casino lovers. Indeed, the prize provider has done just that with the addition of a brand-new live feature to its live Baccarat games.


Evolution’s newest major release is the The Thrill of Not Knowing Red Envelope. It’s not a regular part of the Baccarat experience like the other optional bets. Instead, Red Envelopes show up unexpectedly, upping the stakes and the possibility of winning huge sums of money.


The Banker Pair, the Player Pair, or the Tie may all receive an envelope. This means there is a chance for three Red Envelopes to be awarded in a single game of Baccarat at a real-life casino. Usually, the contents of red envelopes are monetary awards, though occasionally, the amounts can increase.


To earn a Red Envelope, players must make a side bet in the designated area on the control panel. A Red Envelope animation will play out on the player’s side bet area if a Red Envelope is currently active (awarded) for whatever the wager is for that round.


Red-Envelope-Themed Games

All but Lightning Baccarat, First Person Baccarat, and Dual Play Baccarat now include Evolution’s new Red Envelope feature for live casino play.


Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games that now have the Red Envelope feature are:


Salon Privé is Evolution’s version of a private Baccarat lounge. The player will be transported to a private VIP gaming room, complete with exclusive bonuses and perks. Here, every aspect of the game is customizable by the participants.

As far as casino games go, live baccarat is as traditional as it gets. Evolution’s Live Baccarat satisfies the desire of many gamblers for a throwback experience rather than a modernized take on the game.

Since Baccarat’s inception, players have attempted to gain an advantage by squeezing the edges of their cards. Baccarat Squeeze, developed by Evolution, is all about introducing this time-honored game to the world of live casinos.






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